a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: No More Rain!

Monday, May 01, 2006

No More Rain!

Muddy muddy muddy
The other two mats after a bit of scrubbing.

It is my esteemed opinion that there will be no more rain worth mentioning this season. Huzzah! I am so ready for it to be nice. As happy as it makes my garden, I think that having both a March and an April that tie or set the record for the number of rainiest days on record is a bit much.

So today I dared to drag out all three of the mats that I haul around to agility trials to put on the ground under my canopy. They are muddy muddy muddy. (Hmmm, that reminds me of an Eloise bit, but I can't remember the exact classic lines any more--)

I don't usually clean my mats; after all, their purpose is to lie on the ground and protect me, my gear, and my dogs from ground crud. However, when the tops as well as the bottoms are filthy, the time has come.

I currently have three mats, all woven plastic, the same general kind that 95% of the agility world takes to trials with it ("the agility world"...). My original one has dogs and bones woven in a clever way so that, on one side, it has white dogs and bones on a purplish background (actually blue and red woven together) and, when you flip it, it has purplish dogs and bones on a white background. My newest one has large purple and white squares and, when you turn it over, cleverly it has large white and purple squares.

I have three because none of them are large enough to cover the ground beneath my canopy. There are 10'x10' mats out there, but I don't see them often and I've never seen them in purple or teal and purple.

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