Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Random Image to Start the Agility Day

For agility competitions, I often roll out of bed at the godless hour of 4 a.m., bleary and grumbling at the alarm, and ease out onto the road in numbing darkness. But then come those magical twenty minutes as the sun eases towards the horizon, and silhouettes of trees and buildings coalesce in absolute silence along the highway. Mountains form around me where before there was empty blackness. It *is* like magic. Details are obscured and everything is so sharply defined, so clear, it looks so clean and pure, and you feel as if you've just watched the world reborn from nothing. It almost makes the early alarm clock worthwhile. Almost. Bleaaaahhhhh---just another 15 minutes of sleep, pleeeeeezzzee? ("I'm doing this for FUN, I'm doing this for FUN, I'm doing this...")

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