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Friday, May 05, 2006

It's Agility Again

SUMMARY: Another USDAA trial this weekend, local (Sunnyvale). Saturday is all DAM team--5 runs adding up to hopefully one Q to finish our Nationals qualifications. Sunday is all titling--5 runs, and I still need the Snooker Super-Q, Gamblers, and Jumpers. Small trial so if I can keep my head, Super-Q is doable.

Hmm, OK, now that I'm experimenting with adding a summary to my (sometimes) long posts--not sure how much more there is to say about this one. Weather should be nice, not too hot, not rainy (yayyyyyy!). I've been practicing don't-knock-the-bar drills with Tika (and with Boost, who has a phenomenally high bar-knocking ratio so far, crud) and I think they're helping, at least in practice in my back yard.

We had no puppy class this week, but I finally knuckled down and worked really hard on Boost's nose touch for contacts...once, yesterday. But she's getting better. Really.

Tika was a pill in class Wednesday night, stopping constantly in the middle of a run to sniff around the grass. I am SO glad that she never does this in competition. But she also did her usual "what does sit at the start line mean?" routine from class--thank goodness she's better at *that* in competition, too, although certainly not perfect. In reviewing the last 2 years worth of runs, I see that I've taken her off the course 3 times for not even pretending to wait at the start line--and they've all been jumpers courses. Surely that's her favorite kind of run. But is she that savant about the kind of course? Or am I conveying more excitement in some way? Just another interesting data point that I'm not sure helps me in any way.

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