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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pet Stores

One of the cool things about pet stores is that you can take your pet into them. All of my first five dogs have enjoyed the trip. It's like a candy store—or maybe Disneyland's whole Main Street—for dogs. So much to look at! So much to smell! So many little treaties to be found hiding under the edges of the shelving!

Boost, however, finds the whole concept terrifying. Too much stimulation. Noises behind the shelving (in the next aisle). Dead animal parts all over the place (bones, rawhides, stuff like that--you don't know, you could be next!). Large unfamiliar objects. Small unfamiliar objects. Sudden wafts of unfamiliar odors.

She likes the fact that some people give her goodies, but she might or might not be too worried or downright scared to accept or enjoy the treats. I try letting her walk in at her own pace, but we don't usually get very far that way. I try sitting with her and just doing calming things, so she might calm down and sit next to me, but as soon as I release her, the tail's between the legs again and she's heading for the door. At least she's not peeing all over the floor any more.

Jake and Tika love it, though. So little time, so many things to smell and eat! Can hardly get them to leave the store. I've tried taking Boost in with one or the other of the dogs, and I think it helps just a little bit, but what is more likely to happen is that we'll get much further into the store and then she panics and wants out.

Oh, well, I'll keep working at it. The more scary things in this world that she can master, the better we'll all be for it.

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