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Friday, December 16, 2005

It's Official!

When I first got The Booster, I right away came up with a name that I wanted to use for her official registered name: Interstellar Propulsion (Boost--Booster rocket--get it? OK, I thought it was obvious). But, after adding the required kennel name from the breeder (Hi C-Era), the AKC forms and instructions said that I had 2 too many characters. So I agonized & waffled & tried a whole lot of other names & came up with some potentially good ones, but I really wanted that one. (Friend Gail helped and came up with some better ones than my alternatives, but I still liked my original.)

So I dawdled and dawdled, waiting either to decide on one of the alternate names from my lists (kept pulling them out and reviewing them in case perhaps I had missed one that was particularly good) or for The Perfect Other Name to appear from the heavens. But no deux ex machina resolution for my dilemma.

Then, over time, two separate people told me that their understanding was that AKC would, in fact, nowadays accept names that were much longer than their forms allowed. So I took a chance a couple of weeks ago and finally sent in the forms (had to do it before her first birthday anyway, or pay a penalty).

The registration paper came back today and she's in! Ta-da! I'm so pleased. Simple things--

So it's now Hi C-Era Interstellar Propulsion to you, sirs and madams!

(I know that this sort of thing is old hat to many of my friends, but all my previous dogs have sufficed as "Finchester's Remington", "Finchester's Tika", and "Finchester's Jake." Now I'm all excited, though, and am thinking I should pay the registration-change fee to USDAA and CPE to change Tika's name to—oh—hmmm, guess I'll have to come up with something, eh? Nahhh, probably too late for her CATCH plaque if they're as efficient as they usually are in placing the order. What are the odds I could come up with something in the next couple of days that I liked & could catch the CATCH before it was done?)

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