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Friday, March 07, 2003

Slithering Off...

...for the weekend again. For real this time. I am SO tired. Decided to sleep at home tonight & get up in the miniscule wee hours to drive to Elk Grove.

We started treating Rem's cough & stuffy nose w/antibiotics Wed. in case it is bacterial, but I don't think it's gotten better yet. I know I get bloody noses that drip into my throat when I've got a miserable cold sometimes. Talked to doctor this morning and she basically said well, that's about all we can do; it's either that or it's possibly cancer-related to stuff we saw in his lungs.

His poor little nose is so dry that it's splitting, even with topical treatment with Vitamin E and A&D ointment. Argh. Although vet says it looks much better today than it did Wednesday. She suggested I get a pediatric nasal spray for him to try to moisten the inside of his nose as well.

At the vet's this morning, he wouldn't eat their goodies but did gladly suck down a jar of turkey baby food. When we left the vet's, I grabbed the other dogs to go for a big long walk around the vet's neighborhood like we very often do after vet visits. Rem just dragged the whole way and looked very put out. I'm thinking he's starting to really hate having the other dogs around. He snapped at Tika twice when she tried to smell the same shrubberies he was smelling.

For breakfast, he didn't even come into the kitchen, just lay in the hallway. Came in, with coaxing, sniffed the canned food, and walked back out to the hallway to lie down. Offered him chicken in his bowl right in front of him. Nothing. But if I picked up the pieces of chicken and offered them to him in my fingers, he was willing to eat the whole lot, chewing each piece slowly and carefully.

When we perambulated this evening, he was his same brisk, eager self. Hence me thinking he resents the other dogs being around, especially Tika who's just all over the place and apparently is annoying someone other than just me. Another clue: When we got back from the walk, I offered him some chicken for a trick. He did a right turn slowly, sniffed at the chicken, and then just stood there glaring at the other dogs. Wouldn't eat the chicken. I took him into the living room, closed the other dogs out. Then he took a piece of chicken very gingerly, but within a minute had gotten almost perky and was eating the chicken (still chewing contemplatively) easily.

Came into the kitchen for dinner, slowly. Rejected canned food outright. But ate a whole batch of chicken plus a slice of fiber-filled bread with peanut butter.

Jeez, why would anyone want to read excruciating details about Rem's diet every meal for months on end? Guess no one needs to--

Tika's Being Bad: Wednesday in class she blew me off several times to chase a squirrel. She even blew off Rachel. She even got really huge shakedowns and she was just oblivious--took off the next time, too. Last week she was doing some of this and she got timeouts in the car while I pointedly ran Jake. She seemed to pay attention a bit more after the timeout, but not for too long. So much for my wonderful agility dog who is so focused and loves to be on the course. Now she's discovered that she *can* toot off on the course, she's going to. We'll see how things go this weekend--it's a covered/surrounded ring, so there won't be any livestock or squirrels for her to look at. Then maybe we'll see whether she at least sticks her contacts, which we've been working on really hard for 2 weeks after I ruint her 2 weeks ago by letting her leave early. Well, we'll see.

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