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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Otherwise Doing OK

Diarrhea is finally gone last night and this morning. Probably a combo of kaopectate, Pepcid, and finally eating something other than just plain meat. First thing this morning, though, he went outside and immediately started grass grazing--did that for about 10 minutes before doing anything else.

Otherwise he looks and acts mostly OK except for being generally more subdued than what used to be normal.

Ate the half can of different chickeny-gravy-y dogfood I gave him fairly enthusiastically. I'm going to try feeding him in smaller doses more often and see whether he takes to that. I'm thinking that he might think that's not the proper routine and refuse to participate, but it's worth trying.

Getting in the car: Rem has always loved getting in the car. However, recently, he hasn't been so keen on it. You'd maybe expect that from home, since so often we go to the vet's (although I've tried to throw in as many trips to the park or shopping or such). But it's also AFTER the vet's! Like maybe, dang, we're just going to go home and I'm going to lie around and feel miserable and I'd rather be DOING something.

Since he no longer has the energy to take himself to the yard for entertainment--Tika has taken over the duty of lying where the backyard view is clear and scouting for enemy squirrels or birds--and we're no longer doing agility, walks are about all he does for fun any more. Tricks, too, but those don't go on forever. (Mom gets bored.)

Here's another weird thing--I just reviewed the text for errors, and realized I had typed "Sheba" instead of "Tika" in the previous paragraph. That was our old husky who died about 4 years ago. She was also a gray dog with a white tummy. Also sharp and alert and smart and often a pain in the butt (running away, mostly). Funny that should creep in right now.

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