a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Situation Static

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Situation Static

Nose still stuffy. Still subdued but not uncomfortable.

The 2 of us went on a long walk last evening. I let him lead, and he set the pace at a brisk trot; we must have gone about 2 miles. We went through the local park, and I let him off leash. In the past, this would have turned him into ballistic dog, running full speed for the joy of it across the grass. This time, he simply kept going at a brisk trot, and without having to worry about matching my pace, he quickly got ahead of me. One or twice he broke into a gallumph (a lope?) for about 5 paces and then dropped back to a trot. I hate thinking he's ill enough that I'll never see him run again.

Took him to agility class. While I ran Jake, I settled him into his double folding chair with his jacket on. He stood up for only about 15 minutes, then curled up, sometimes watching, sometimes dozing. Normally, he'd have been standing the whole time. He got lots of hugging and goodies from everyone. He got chicken and rollover and girl scout cookies and other stuff extracted from various pockets. Spit out crackery things, but did eventually eat some Triscuit after first rejecting it. After Jake's first run, he looked absolutely crushed that he wasn't out there with me, but I think he figured out that he didn't really *want* to be out there.

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