a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Possible New Dog

Monday, January 21, 2002

Possible New Dog

Backfill: Nov 16 '03
I've looked at this dog that Gina C. has had for about 2 months--adopted out of shelter at 4 months & returned 4 months later because she had too much energy, although apparently got some obedience training. 10 month old Aussie mix--blue merle like I always wanted but built a little more like Rem than like an Aussie (not quite that lanky, but maybe halfway in between). She's a real lovie/snuggly dog. Look at the photo on http://www.northbay-canine.org--description is under Savannah. (I don't care for the name much--)

(Posted the photo and text here: https://dogblog.finchester.org/2002/01/from-north-bay-rescue-site-nov-01-jan.html because it won't be on their site any more.)

This is so exciting and so scary. I want the *right* dog and now that it's a close thing I'm wondering whether this is really it! (There have been some that I've just turned down outright.) And now someone else has told Gina that they're interested in the dog (not an agility person), but Gina says I've got dibs since I spent some time with them in november or december looking at this dog.

And then I think, if I'm taking this long to make up my mind, maybe it's not the right dog, but then I think maybe it is--

One of the things in my mind is that, before I saw Rem & adopted him on the spot, I thought I was going to get myself a blue merle Aussie--