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Sunday, January 27, 2002

Dog Names

Backfill: Nov 16 '03 I think I'm leaning back towards Pika, even though I seem to be in a crowd of "Peek"s. It's short, sharp, and the EEEE sound is nice somehow. I tried "Agate" for a day, and it's not bad, but I just really like Pika. I tried saying "Kai" quite a bit, but it doesn't feel like quite the right thing to me after all. Can't put my finger on why.

I have a friend who for years had an ACD named Syd(ney), so I'd have trouble thinking of her as a Sydney.

I've actually gone thru lots more that I haven't mentioned because they were kinda short-lived. I've been calling her "Little girl" a lot because I wasn't sure what name I wanted to use. After saying it a few million times, it had shortened to "Litta girl," and then it occured to me that "Litta" was pretty quick and had that quick T or D-ish sound in the middle. But decided it wasn't right.

Thought about something around "puppy" for a while, because she seems to respond best to Gina's suggestion to say "puppy puppy puppy!" I Guess there's no reason one couldn't call a dog Pup or Puppy, but it sure sounds like I was lazy in picking a name. And couldn't come up wit something close enough--Poppy's not bad, or Peppy (but that sounded trite), and I just went thru various consonants like Putty and Tuppy and huppy and guppy and I don't know what all and then I gave up on that line of thought.

Anyway--I also waffle on whether I should be calling her something else if I haven't committed to keeping her yet.

Such choices!

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