a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: New Dog Day 2

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

New Dog Day 2

Backfill: Nov 16 '03Jake's still hiding, Rem's still following, although I see a little tiny bit more normal behavior. Rem didn't do upsidedown dog this morning on the bed, so he's not comfortable with her in the room. Jake did some.

Went for a half-mile walk in the morning, and that was a disaster. She has no manners on a leash at all. Gina told me she was much better with a pinch collar, but I want to try again with just a buckle collar--although walking simultaneously with my dogs, who'll pull somewhat given half a chance--was NOT the way to do it. I could give her a pop & she'd walk without pulling for about 3 steps & then throw herself at the end of the leash again. Among them, they had exhausted me & my shoulders were really tired by the time I got home--and that's not our usual 1.25 mile walk!? Not sure how I'm going to manage this...

Attended first day of Rachel Sanders' puppy obedience class. There's no one I recognize, although one other student had a power paws camp jacket. A couple of people with obvious dog experience, a couple of people with no clue (although one of them was worried about a straight sit on "come," which didn't seem to match with her dog-handling skills...).

Learning to hold the dog at your side to get her to defer to you, and to do beginnings of a recall, and -- oh-oh, I think there's a 3rd thing I'm supposed to practice & I don't recall what it was. Someone else needs recall training. :-)

Sav. started out the same, throwing herself at other dogs, I kept doing the same thing as yesterday, and after we'd been all standing in a circle for a few minutes, she was mostly very good, but every time we'd move closer to another dog (or they'd move closer to us), we'd go thru the same thing.

Rachel suggested a Gentle Leader for dogs who desperately pull at the leash all the time, not a pinch or choke. Stopped at Petco after class & bought one--$28 plus tax! Yikes! But it helps--she let me put it on her ok, although the first several times it stopped her, she pawed at it & tried to rub her head on the ground. Goodies & praise helped.

Rachel also demonstrated teaching a dog not to bark -- assuming that you want the dog to bark *sometimes*-- walk over, spray bitter apple in the mouth, say "quiet," walk away. Then walk over several times with the bottle when the dog's being good & just praise the dog (so they're not afraid of you or bottle). Wasn't sure at the time that I'd need that info...

Working on getting her to stay at the open door & crate & back of van. She must have had some training like this already, because she seems to understand it somewhat. Certainly don't trust her yet. At the door, Rem & Jake are helpful because they wait there automatically (well--most of the time--jake wants to step out to get away from her).

She's not very well behaved at dinner time. Seems to have had some training in sitting and waiting for the bowl, but she breaks over & over, & it's hard to get the other dogs' bowls down without her sticking her nose in. I think this'll come quickly, though.

Have been trying to think of a name. Came up with "Pika," pronounced PEEka, like the little rabbity things in yosemite that stand up on their hind legs, because she does that all the time. Then Rachel & Nancy separately pointed out that Derede's new dog (probably same height class) is Peak, and Gail's new puppy (lower height class) is Pic ("PEEK"). Not sure I want to replicate both of those--

Took them all to agility class. She stayed in her crate in the car, and I think she was quiet--thought I heard her barking over & over for a while, but when I finally walked out to the end of the parking lot, it was coming from someone else's car. So either they switched back & forth, or she was just being good.

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