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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Words of the Day

SUMMARY: Facebook word/photo meme

There's this thing that's been going around on facebook. The original description was something like,

"To counter the horrible photos of animals being abused, let's post photos of happy, well-loved animals. I was given the word 'spunky' and here's Tootsie showing her usual spunky self. If you click Like, I'll give you a word."

Although, sometimes they changed it to "if you comment on this photo, I'll give you a word."

So, apparently, I Liked a post with the first variety and commented on a post of the 2nd variety without meaning to, and then (thinking I had no words), I asked a 3rd post for a word.  Suddenly I had 3 words from 3 different people.

Since I hate being forced into either silence or accepting a word, I rephrased like this when I finally posted:

"OK, the game has been to post positive animal photos related to a word that you've been given. (If you ask me, I'll give you a word.) I inadvertently received 3 words, which took a little pondering, but here's the result (thanks, Susan Fallon Paulsen ("dramatic"), Joni Hulen Grace ("frolic"), andMitzi Keating ("hat" -- ha ha) for the words)."

So, now, if you want a word for Facebook or for your blog or anywhere to post your own photo, ask and I shall give you one!

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