a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: And Even Better Today

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

And Even Better Today

SUMMARY: Another Up period for Tika

Today was even better than yesterday-- Tika did things that I don't think she's done in many days, or even several weeks in some cases:

  • Came to check out whether I was really awake in the morning (so often now, she just lies there, chin down, looking old and tired)
  • BOUNDED down the stairs! Wow!
  • Leaped into the air when I got out the leashes for a walk (well, maybe her back feet didn't quite leave the floor, but for quite a while she has just been sort of prancing quietly)
  • Went on a brisk 2-mile walk before breakfast. Such a difference from just two days ago.
  • Ate full meals of kibble both morning and evening.
  • Ate all of her pill pockets, with the pills in them, morning and evening. (When feeling poorly, as in a few days ago, she just won't.)
  • Virtually no coughing/hacking
And this is what my life with Tika has been like for months--from really bad days to really good days and everything in between, then back around again.

I'm trying to remember to hug her and pet her many times a day no matter how she's feeling.

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  1. Hugging and petting and playing and walking...that's the best you can do, and all she asks. Hugs to you too.