a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Thank Goodness For Medicine

Friday, October 05, 2012

Thank Goodness For Medicine

SUMMARY: Boost: Bladder infection.

Yes, Boost has a bladder infection, and a pretty good one, too. I feel better about the accidents that she had--it wasn't me or her screwing up, it was her infection.

SOOOOO my fourth 30-minute-one-way drive to the vet and back in 6 days, this time to pick up the antibiotics. And say goodbye to another $59.

Now I'm wondering...Tika's been doing a lot of licking lately in that same, er, area, and sometimes a little difficulty peeing. Could *she* have an infection, too? Do I want to spend another $200 to find out? Ack.

I may moan about the costs, but in truth I thank goodness that we have tests to figure out what's wrong and the means to treat it.


  1. Poor Boost. Thats not fun. I hope she feels better.

    1. Thanks. She seems to feel fine for the most part, thank goodness. This also might explain the little wet spots under the mesh dog beds in the last couple of months; boy, I wonder if it's been going on that long?