a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: An Interesting Weekend

Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Interesting Weekend

SUMMARY: In which Boost *almost* got more Qs than Tika.

Of course we all know by now that what I really want for Boost is Snooker Super-Qs and Jumpers Qs.

What I really want for Tika is just Qs any way I can get them.

On Saturday, our long-time friend/competitor/teammate Chaps showed up just for one day to try to complete their (I think) Silver PDCH (championship redone 5 times over!) and all they needed was one Pairs Relay Q, and Chaps teamed with Tika.

So what I needed Saturday was Boost to win (or place high) in Snooker and a Jumpers Q, and what I needed for Tika was a Pairs Q and as many other Qs as I could get, even just plain old Snooker Qs.

What I *got* on Saturday was Tika won Snooker and got a Jumpers Q (2nd place) and *Boost* got a Pairs Q and a plain old Snooker Q. Completely the reverse of what I needed.

Sunday, Boost finally got her 15th Gamblers Q (last one was back in February), completing her Gamblers Champion Bronze, and placing 3rd! of about 30 dogs as we finally managed to put together her high-point openings with a completed gamble.

Both dogs Qed in Grand Prix, yay; Tika placed 2nd (of a whole 5 this weekend) and Boost was 11th out of 30--those folks who are really competitive don't hold their dogs on their contacts and stop to say "good dog!" I have no reason to blow off her contacts, so we did that, which is why only 11th.

Tika also Qed in Standard (2nd place) and Snooker (2nd place) again.

So--only 5 out of 11 for Tika this weekend, and actually 4 out of 11 for Boost!

Boost and I again had a few really nice runs or partial runs; I think I learned a couple of things about what I'm doing that doesn't help her; dogs stayed healthy and happy, even Tika.

Boost did knock a few bars this weekend, but not a lot. Not too many refusals or runouts but enough to make me crazy a couple of times. Tika had weave pole issues in an odd way and we didn't seem to be communicating all that well on course. But overall, I'm fairly satisfied with the way things went.

Except it got so hot today! Whew! (Actually only 79 F (26 C) but it sure was hotter than we'd expected.) And I think humid as well, as my clothing was soaked through with sweat by the end of the day. Quite draining. But we survived.

And that's a quick update from the Taj MuttHall newsroom.

Goodnight, Chet.


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