a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Another Boost! *Two* Boosts!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Boost! *Two* Boosts!

SUMMARY: Unusual dog name.

In all the years I've done agility, I've never encountered another dog named Boost.

Just found out that there are two others dogs named Boost who do agility. Is that cool or what?

Here's the other Border Collie Boost, owned and photos by Tanya Lee.

This Boost is a year younger than my Boost but, OK, here's the really spooky thing--her Boost is *exactly* a year younger because they have the exact same birthday!

She told me that there's another Boost, a young Sheltie owned by Linda Robertson. I don't have photos. Nor do I know the birthday.

I feel a sudden kinship based solely on the name but doubly on the birthday. We're a very exclusive club, we owners of Boosts.


  1. Oh yes, Linda's Boost!!! But that birthday/name stuff is uber freaky! Great name, always love it :)

    1. Ah ha, so you knew but were holding out on me! ;-) I do indeed like it.