a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Vacation Day 8: Disneyland AND California Adventure

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vacation Day 8: Disneyland AND California Adventure

SUMMARY: Wordless Wednesday.

(For those who want to know--top to bottom:
"Mine! Mine! Mine!" seagulls at Finding Nemo Submarine Ride (DL);
real volunteer green heron enjoying the sun in the castle moat (DL);
chandeliers in store on Main Street (DL);
Red Trolley in Buena Vista Street (CA);
Elias building in Buena Vista Street (CA);
Grizzly Peak waterfall (CA);
Pixar Parade dancers (CA);
Radiator Springs in Cars Land (CA);
Cozy Cone Motel (refreshment stands) in Radiator Springs (CA);
Jazz band bass player Buena Vista Street--and he knew exactly where the cameras were (CA);
Bubbles in Buena Vista St. (CA);
car hood ornament Buena Vista St at Oswald's Gas Station (CA);
friend and me with Cathay Theater behind us (CA);
Walt and Mickey arriving in California (CA);
lockers in Buena Vista Street (CA);
Sleeping Beauty Castle reflection (DL);
sister and her husb on Peter Pan ride (DL);
Timothy Mouse on Dumbo ride (DL);
friend and me on Dumbo ride (self-portrait) (DL);
Sleeping Beauty diorama in the castle (DL);
It's A Small World scene (DL);
Small World and train and topiary (DL);
bro-in-law, sister, and me in traditional photo location at front of Disneyland (DL);
tiki in Adventureland (DL);
crystal castle in glass shop (New Orleans Square) (DL);
pirate paraphernalia New Orleans Square (DL);
Sleeping Beauty Caslte clock (DL);
Dead Men Tell No Tales (Pirates of the Caribbean) (DL);
Dry is Not An Option after we rode both Grizzly River Run and Splash Mountain;
umbrellas at Pacific Pier (CA);
on the monorail (DL);
sister looks back on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (DL).)

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  1. Awesome pictures!! I can't wait to visit Disneyland, I'm dying to visit Cars Land.

    1. They worked their Disney magic in creating the environment in Cars Land--you really feel like you're in Radiator Springs. There are currently some interesting places to shop and eat. Also in California Adventure, I really like what they've done with the entry area, turning it into Buena Vista Street--much like Main Street across the way in Disneyland proper, it has a homey, welcoming, familiar but nostalgic feel to it, with more places to browse and relax.

  2. SO cool. I have to go back and look more closely, but the photo that caught my attention was the umbrellas...

    1. Thanks. I really like that one, too, kind of an abstract. I applied a creative filter to it to get some texture and sharpen the lines.

  3. I enjoyed that! Never been to a Disney place before but got a good feel for it from those photos. Bet one can never, ever run out of things to see and do...

    1. You got it! At least, for me, there are always details and changes and additions and deletions, too, that interest me. 1400 photos this time and I came home realizing that there were a ton of things I wanted to shoot and hadn't.

  4. Just went back and looked again. There are so many that more to see in them than I first realized...and the colors are great! Add streetcar with bubbles and base player to my favorites...plus green heron and reflection. Still looking...

    1. You're so good at encouraging me! Thanks.