a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Vacation Day 2: Gold PDCH, Family, and Irrigation

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Vacation Day 2: Gold PDCH, Family, and Irrigation

SUMMARY: Not a lot to tell. Happy.

So, then, Sunday was Day 2. My club has been hosting USDAA Labor Day trials, then Regionals, every year since at least 1995. It's our big event of the year. And I decided to skip all four days of it...

Oh, except then I decided to enter just one Snooker on Sunday...oh, and since that was the 2nd class of the day, I might as well enter the first class, Jumpers, because Boost maybe someday will get another Jumpers Q and Tika usually Qs in Jumpers.

I already mentioned the result of Tika's Snooker run (the Gold level Performance Championship).

The earlier part of the day went like this:

* Tika, smooth but not super-fast Jumpers course and a Q. Turns out it was apparently a hard course to Qualify in, so we ended up placing 3rd of 17 dogs! Good old Tika. (We were 7th fastest, but 5 of those had faults.)

* Boost, Jumpers--one bar, one runout, and a big spin in two different places where she didn't read a cross correctly. No Q.

* Boost, Snooker--spot-on opening of 8 obstacles, then a refusal on a tight wrappy front cross to #2 in the closing. Lately I've been trying to pick courses that I think that we can get through instead of trying to get high scores, and hoping that at some point we'll do it and it will be enough for a SuperQ anyway. But on this one, even if we had finished, our total score would've been too low for a SuperQ. No Q.

I was done competing before noon! And I felt barely a tingle of regret for not having signed up for the rest of the weekend--wasn't sure how I'd feel, but at that point, it was SO NICE to have accomplished the major goal, to be done for the weekend and not have to get up early again, to avoid the evening traffic, and to still have weekend ahead of me.

One of my sisters drove all the way down to see us run--she jumps on her horse, so the games we play (Snooker and Gamblers are the ones we watched some of) are different from what they do, but she gets the idea of the competition. We were then able to stop and have a nice lunch at the Black Bear Diner (well--we both had breakfast, but it was lunchtime). That was sweet--I hardly ever get a chance to talk to this sister.

Then I went home, started sorted and processing photos from the day before and that morning, took a nap, and worked on the dang irrigation.

Sometime I'll post something about that, really I will.

Went to bed feeling decently happy.

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