a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Vacation Day 6: California Adventure

Friday, September 07, 2012

Vacation Day 6: California Adventure

SUMMARY: Thursday--Exploring Disneyland's sister park.

Because Disneyland was closing early today, we decided to spend the day in California Adventure, check out the new Cars Land, and do the things that one does in C.A. (entry as seen the previous night).

Once again, here's a quick summary of the day in a few photos.

My sister and her spousal unit trying to steer the air bumper cars by leaning.

In Hollywood Land, the neon makes for some great photos as evening descends.

Hollywood Land is *so* Hollywood--see that theater marquee on the right at  the end of the row of white lamp lights? Everything beyond there is completely fake--as in painted on--including the gorgeous blue sky with clouds.

We sat in an air-conditioned theater (it was hot and muggy all day; draining) and watched the musical show Aladdin.

Then, still suffering horribly from the heat (toss head backwards, throw back of hand against forehead), we went to the Ghirardelli shop for some healthy California fare.

At the end of a day of rides and experiences and fun, we watched the much-touted World of Color light and water show--what a boondoggle and waste of time (more in some other post later), then my friend and I went searching for pretty night shots to take. And after this last view of Paradise Pier, we went back to the hotel and...eventually... to sleep. (Couldn't stop looking through all our photos for the day and then chatting chatting chatting.)


  1. Sure looks like fun -- love the fireworks headboards in the previous post. One of many surprises there, no doubt...

    1. Yes, they were a pleasant surprise. We didn't even want to turn them off until our last night there.

  2. What a great trip! Love all the photos!!

    1. And someday I might post info about the remaining 10 days of vacation. :-)