a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Doggie Drugs and Magic Tongues

Friday, April 13, 2012

Doggie Drugs and Magic Tongues

SUMMARY: How do they do that?
Boost is now back on her benadryl--one and a half small, bright pink tablets twice a day--for that itching that now seems to hit her every year.

Both dogs (and I) are now taking glucosamine, half a tablet for each of them twice a day.

I use little slices of cheese to wrap the stuff in and, although Tika scarfs things down so fast that she doesn't notice, Boost isn't fond of having weird crunchy things hidden in her cheese.

So what I do is, wrap the whole pink tablet in a piece of cheese, and after Boost takes it, quickly keep shoving small bits of cheese into her mouth and wait until she's done swallowing to be sure that she's not spitting anything out. Do the same thing with the half pink tablet and follow-on cheese. Done? Do the same with the big white half tablet and follow-on cheese. Done?

Boost looks at me, hoping for more, licks her lips, then spits out the big pink tablet and the small half a pink tablet.



  1. If only it were possible to harness that skill for the good of all mankind, or at least to get more Qs in agility.

  2. You go girl...(Boost that is)....you know what you like, and your Mom can't fool you! LOL!

  3. I use that very same strategy too! Clearly more effective with dogs like Tika and Lucy.

    Are your little pink pills vanectyl-p? Lucy has a stash of those, needed a round a few weeks ago. I like to think maybe that has to do with why she peed in a tunnel...

  4. The little pink pills are generic for basic benadryl (Diphenhydramine).