a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Boost's Mom at AKC Nationals

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Boost's Mom at AKC Nationals

SUMMARY: Tala is looking good.

At 11 and a half, Tala is around Tika's age.

Dang bar.

Looks like she was around 30th-40th out of 230 dogs in the rounds where she ran clean, and 53rd after 3 rounds even with the bar down. Pretty good for an old girl competing against a zillion top-notch youngsters.

And I might as well mention some siblings.

Boost's full sister (but 4 years younger), Tcam, also competing in the 20" class of 230 dogs, finished 5th in Round 1! (I'll have to find out what their faults were in the other two classes.)

Boost's littermate Derby, competing in the 24" class of about 90 dogs, finished 2nd in Round 2 and 1st in Round 3! Don't know what the fault was in Round 1. Placed 3rd in the challenger round, which wasn't quite enough to get them into the finals.


  1. That must have been hard to hear. She looks good in these videos. Hard to think that she isn't here....yet how fortunate that she was having a great time till pretty much the end. So hard for her owners though. And you. And everyone that knew and loved her. I'm really sorry.

  2. Thanks, Dawn. It is a stunner. I wasn't that close to her or them, but she's been around (and sometimes a teammate and sometimes a classmate, and of course I pay attention because she's boost's mom and all).