a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: And a Shorter Summary of the USDAA Trial

Sunday, April 08, 2012

And a Shorter Summary of the USDAA Trial

SUMMARY: Qs, titles, and like that.

Well, as I've said before, Boost might not be much at agility, but she sure knows how to do worker raffles. I put in a mere 12 tickets with her name on them on Thursday and won two items, no tickets on Friday because I wasn't working all that much and felt like I'd already gotten my share, five tickets on Saturday (I was handed a handful but gave most of them back for the same reason) and won two items. Go, Boost.

For the weekend:

  • 9 Qs out of 18, so 50%. Not terrible but still below long-term average. 
  • Qs:  (All in Performance) DAM Team, 1 out of four team individual events ( Snooker) , Steeplechase, Grand Prix, 2 out of 2 Jumpers, 1 out of 3 Standard, 0 out of 2 Snooker, 1 out of 2 Gamblers, 1 out of 2 Relays
  • Titles completed: Relay Gold (35 Qs), Pf Tournament Platinum (50 combined DAM, Steeplechase, and Grand Prix with at least 10 of each).
  • Titles close to: One more for Pf Jumpers Gold.
  • Titles not making rapid progress on: 4 more for Pf Standard Gold, 7 more for Pf Snooker Gold (quite a come-down from Top Ten two years ago, huh?)
  • 1st in Standard and Gamblers; 2nd in Jumpers, Team Gamblers, Steeplechase Rd 1, Steeplechase Rd 2, and Team overall; 3rd in Team Snooker, Team Standard. and Pairs Relay; 4th in Jumpers, team Jumpers and Grand Prix, out of between 3 and 10 dogs.
  • 3 Qs out of 18. 
  • Qs: (all in Champion/Masters) DAM Team, 1 out of 4 team individual events ( Gamblers), neither Grand Prix nor Steeplechase,  1 out of 2 relay, 0 out of 2 jumpers, 0 out of 3 standard, 0 out of 2 snooker, 0 out of 2 gamblers.
  • Titles close to: 1 more for Gambler Master bronze, 1 any tournament for Tournament Silver.
  • Titles not making any progress on: 2 Super-Qs for  Snooker Master plus Snooker Master Champion plus Snooker Master Bronze; 2 Jumpers for  Jumpers Master.

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