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Friday, November 04, 2011

Tika Top Ten Ticker

SUMMARY: We might or might not make Snooker this year, but the other three seem probable.
I've updated my Tika Top 10 page (link above) with the USDAA standings as of Oct 23 more or less.

Still to come:
  • We have two more trials in which to get points: NAF next weekend and Bay Team in December.
  • NAF gives us 2 Standard, 2 Jumpers, 2 Gamblers, and 1 Snooker.
  • Bay Team gives us 2 Standard, 2 Jumpers, 1 Gamblers, and 1 Snooker.
  • Dang,  Snooker is what I really need points in.
 Current standings:

  • Gamblers: in 3rd place with 46 points. Last 2 years have required 30 and 38 pts to be in the top 10. At this time last year, the 10th place dog had 32 points; this year only 28. Therefore: I venture to say that we're set for Gamblers.
  • Jumpers: In 1st place with 52 points. Simply: We're set for Jumpers. Might not stay in 1st place, but that doesn't buy you anything extra.
  • Standard: In 7th place with 35 points. The last 2 years have required 36 and 34 points for top ten.  Last year and this year, at this time, the #10 dog has 30 points. I would surely like to get a few more points to be safe. With 4 chances, I think the odds are decent that we'll pick up at least a couple more. So: Iffy but likely.
  • Snooker: In 17th with 20 points. Last 2 years it took 30 and 31 points to be top ten, and the odds of us collecting 10 points in two snookers at two fairly small trials is nil, especially with our low rate of success this year. The current #10 has only 24, though, and last year at this time #10 had 30 (and the #7,8,9 dogs have 25). So--maybe we only need 6 points. That's still a huge stretch--I'm guessing we'd have to win both those snookers to get that, and we're just not doin' that this year. So: Probably not, although I'm always willing to accept miracles.
Nah, we're nowhere close to having enough points to be Top Ten in Tournaments. We do well, but not THAT well. (Of course, I'm just guessing, since they don't post performance top ten points anywhere that I can find.)

Go, have fun, don't worry about Top Ten. It'll either happen or it won't. And they only send one pin no matter how many Top Tens you're in, so...meh!


  1. Cool! Two years in a row. You and Tika are sure one consistent team.

  2. ...except, apparently, in Snooker. :-) I'm enjoying it all while it lasts.