a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Lots of Qs, Thank Goodness

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lots of Qs, Thank Goodness

SUMMARY: Three-day CPE weekend summary.
Some fun numbers from this weekend:

  • Total runs: 30 (15 each dog)
  • Boost Qs: 11
  • Tika Qs: 13
  • Boost 1st places (out of 6 to 19 dogs depending on class): 4
  • Tika 1st places (out of 15 to 21 dogs): 3
  • Boost 2nd places: 4 -- came in 2nd to: Tika,  Lexi, Tika, Lexi
  • Tika 2nd places: 6 -- came in 2nd to: Rocket, Boost, Missile, Tyler, Tyler, Rocket
  • Boost 3rd places: 2
  • Tika 3rd places: 1
  • Boost Qs earned towards the 16 she still needed for her C-ATCH:  7 (out of a possible 9)
  • Tika Q points earned towards the 965 she still needed for her C-ATE: 280 (out of a possible 325)
  • Titles earned: Tika ExFH and ExJP.
  • Raffle prizes won: 2. (Bag of Ghirardelli peppermint bark (I love peppermint bark!), big box of dog biscuits.)  That's with 4 raffle tickets earned Saturday and 6 earned Sunday. Deal!

I've updated The Campaign table showing our progress towards our one-year goals.

Bragging rights numbers--among the fastest or highest-scoring of all dogs who ran a course:
  • Full House Friday: Out of about 140 dogs, 10th highest points: Tika (44). 11th highest points: Boost (43). (7 of the 10 dogs with more points were small dogs with 5 more seconds.)
  • Wildcard Friday: Fastest of about 100 3/4/5/C dogs: Boost (16.78 seconds). (Only 4 other dogs were between 17 and 18 seconds.) Too bad she knocked a bar.
  • Standard Friday: Out of about 85 4/5/C dogs: Boost 4th fastest (37.79), Tika 5th fastest (38.59).
  • Jumpers Saturday: Out of 21 dogs in her class, Tika 2nd fastest. And that's with 3 or 4 extra yards after she took a wrong jump.
  • Jackpot (Gamblers) Saturday--nontraditional: Out of 167 dogs, Highest points: Boost (88). 2nd highest: Tika (85--because I didn't think about doing those extra 3 points until after I ran her).  (The next 3 highest dogs had 76, 74, and 73 pts; no one else 70 or higher.)
  • Full House Saturday: Out of 140 dogs, 3rd highest points: Tika (52). (Higher points: one BC with 54 and one small dog with 5 more seconds 53. Only 6 dogs scored 50 or more.)
  • Standard Saturday: Out of 107 4/5/C dogs, 5th fastest: Boost (38.65). 6th fastest: Tika (38.98). 
  • Jackpot (Gamblers) Sunday: A friend and I strategized on the sidelines to come up with a high-scoring plan. Results--out of about 80 4/5/6 dogs, his dog was highest (67), Tika 2nd (66), Boost 3rd (65, tied with one other dog--dang, if she hadn't turned the wrong way after that one jump, we'd have had 3 more points).
  • Wildcard Sunday: Out of 115 3/4/5/C dogs, 2nd fastest: Boost (18.16 secs). (Only 4 dogs broke 19 seconds.) 10th fastest: Tika (20.00).
I took a ton of photos and hope to get through them all tomorrow--oh, yeah, and the October CPE photos, too. Plus detailed weekend notes with fun insights into a typical agility weekend (mine, anyway).   [Hmmm, I'm sitting here looking at the Q ribbons and it suddenly occurs to me--did I take the wrong Q ribbons (orange/teal ones) for Boost's level 5 Qs? Uh-oh...]


  1. WOW! First of all, 15 runs for each dog means 30 runs for YOU! How's that knee doing? Second...just WOW...look at all those ribbons! Did the girls have fun? It sounds fun..and exhausting!

  2. Knee held up pretty good, thanks for asking. Dogs held up pretty good, too. They were ready to go again this morning.

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  4. Sorry. In our neck of the woods, orange ribbons are junior handler Q ribbons, but looking more closely at the photo, I see they are orange and teal and do not have "junior handler" on them. So congrats on a great weekend!

  5. You're right about orange being for Junior handlers, and I don't know why I didn't even think about it all weekend while collecting, labeling, and hanging the ribbons until posting the photo. I sent an email to the trial chair asking whether it was a brain malfunction on my part; waiting to hear back.

  6. 30 runs -- holy! Now that is one busy weekend. Congrats on all the Qs!