a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: A NAF Weekend in USDAA

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A NAF Weekend in USDAA

SUMMARY: YAAT (yet another agility trial)
We're heading out of town to Turlock this weekend for another 12 runs per dog. Or 13 for anyone who Qs in Steeplechase and gets to go on to Round 2.

That's a pretty full weekend for me, no matter how many dogs will be there.

There are about 65 to 75 dogs entered in Masters and Performance 3 (P3), the tracks in which Tika and Boost run. As expected, not a huge trial:
  • Tika's group (22" P3) has 5 to 7 dogs competing. For 5 dogs, only 1st & 2nd get top ten points; first three places if 6 or 7 dogs compete.

  • Boost's group (22" Masters) has about 25 dogs competing. Mostly I care only because that means there'll be 4 SuperQs available in the one Snooker run of the weekend.

I'm splurging and going out early, that is, Friday evening, and staying in a hotel. It's cold. I'm tired. I hate getting up at 4 in the morning. It might be raining Saturday. Just don't have those chops any more for setting up and sleeping in the van (or a tent) with the dogs in that situation. Am I getting old and wimpy or what?

For Boost, just hoping for Jumpers Qs, Grand Prix Q, and a Snooker SuperQ. No titles on the line, really--welllll if she Qed in both Jumpers, that would be her Jumpers Masters title, but really, 3 Qs in 80 tries, what are the odds? (Although if you count from when she got her first Q, that would be 3 Qs in 41 tries, so that doubles our odds, yeah!)

Heh. I'm trying to be better at thinking this way:
(Anonymous image from facebook.)

For Tika, it's just Qs Qs Qs. A Gamblers Q would give her 35 Performance Gamblers Qs, which would be Gamblers Gold. That would be nice, but just a bonus while getting, yes, Qs Qs Qs. Hope I'm up to all those runs!

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  1. Well have fun, that's the main thing. And enjoy sleeping in a real bed v.s. the back of the car! :)