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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation Photo Teasers

SUMMARY: --because I'm completely photo-backlogged and it'll be a while before I get all the Arizona trip photos up.

Self-portraits of one sort or another (sometimes using a person as a tripod and remote control).
(Friday) Andersen's Pea Soup in Santa Nella. First time I've ever stopped here, although wayyyyy back when I was in college I often partook of the Solvang location's all-you-can-eat pea soup on my way by. My expectations were low, but lo! the pea soup was excellent.

(Sunday) The Arizona Museum of Natural History was my sister's idea, not mine, but I think I ended up having more fun than they did. Plus it was air conditioned, a bonus with 100-degree heat (38 C).

(Tuesday) Tuzigoot is a small National Monument, ruins of a huge pueblo perched on a ridge overlooking Arizona's Verde Valley.

(Wednesday) The Grand Canyon has not yet ceased to amaze me. What also amazes me is how I never get any of those famed glorious sunset or sunrise photos. This was sunrise. Nice lighting, huh?

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