a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: USDAA Gets Around to 24" Weaves and Other It's About Times

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

USDAA Gets Around to 24" Weaves and Other It's About Times

SUMMARY: New rules forthcoming!
In today's news posting on the USDAA site, FINALLY! 24" weaves are acceptable! I believe they were the last agility organization in the known world to allow it (but they did it by making it 22" spacing with 2" tolerance. So you better not be MORE than 24")! Did I actually predict that in my blog earlier or just in general chitchat? I know I predicted to someone that it would be soon, because there was just no reason to stick with the 20-21" when everyone else had changed.

AND, this is equally fantastic, they're finally changing the Performance program title names to parallel the Championship program! No more of the old "Just earned our APD! That's the Performance Championship!" Now we can *legally* say, "Just earned our Performance Championship!" Yowza! I'm'a bein' vera happy about dis one, jes I am!

They had already changed "Performance Whatever It Was" to "Performance Grand Prix," thank goodness, now the only holdout is "Performance Speed Jumping" instead of "Performance Steeplechase." I'm still hoping that someday they'll see the wisdom in changing that, too.

I salute you, USDAA; late on these issues is better than never!

(There are other changes; these were just the best IMHO.)


  1. Wow, that is good news! thanks for posting this. Diana

  2. I agree completely! I am so sick of "translating" Performance titles for general comprehension.
    Me: "Tika got her PD2 today!"
    CH person: *blink blink*
    Me: "It's a Performance AAD."
    CH person: "Oh, congratulations!"

  3. Diana: You're so welcome! I think it went up on the USDAA site at a minute past midnight their time (to make it July 1), and within an hour it had been reposted on facebook among my agility friends and emailed likewise maybe a dozen times or more.

    Amanda: Absolutely!

  4. Wow, great stuff! I was shocked when AAC introduced 24" weaves (they become mandatory this September), thought it would be years before they'd go that route. Nice to see organizations changing with the times... even if that change comes a wee bit later than the ideal :)