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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ack! Finchester.org having troubles

SUMMARY: Photos missing from blog sidebar, etc.
This is twice in a week that finchester.org has been suspended because some automated tool (or some person) reported that I was sending spam. I spent an hour trying to resolve it Friday, spoke at length to a person who unsuspended me, and then today, bam, with no warning at all, I'm suspended again.

Because my blog is now hosted on Blogger (Google actually) apparently this blog is OK, but everything else on finchester.org (including the photos of my dogs, in the right sidebar) is out of my reach. I am so frustrated!

Spoke to a guy again. He said they will resolve this so that it doesn't happen again. They're supposed to be sending me copies of the offending emails so that I can try to figure it out. (A month or 2 ago they suspended me because someone else sent ME email! I have a feeling from something that one of the 4 people I've talked to so far said that because THEIR system is set up (under my account to forward my emails all to the same name (so, e.g., webmaster (at) finchster (dot) org just forwards to my main email address (at) finchester (dot) org), that some tool is reporting that as spam because webmaster (e.g.) isn't a real email alias.

But if I'm not getting their emails, I can't prove it!

I know that you don't want to hear about this, really. But in case this blog goes dark suddenly , not just the missing photos, you'll know why, until I get this straightened out again.

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  1. What a pain. And like you really have time to handle this...given what I can remember you still have on your to-do list...hope they get it fixed!