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Friday, May 21, 2010


SUMMARY: Yes, some of us like to take vacations FROM our dogs.
My handsome young cousin is getting married in Chandler, Arizona, soon, to a beautiful young lady, and my camera and I are going to drive there and then take a leisurely week coming back.

I don't know where I'm goin',
Will only know where I've been.

Looking forward to it immensely. So many errands to run first! And packing and at least a little planning to do!

Luckily someone's here all the time to care for the Merle Girls. They won't get walkies (caretaker isn't a walkies person) or a lot of playing, just some. Til their tongues are hanging out probably once a day. They'll be nutso when I get back--but, then, they also are when I go out to the front yard to deadhead roses for 20 minutes and then come back inside. I think they can handle it for a week; they have done fine before in the same situation.

But how can I resist attending the wedding of such lovely dogs people?
Photo from their web site

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  1. I LOVE road trips! And with a camera? The best! Have fun, enjoy, the dogs will love you when you get back. Looking forward to seeing some (I know from experience there will be hundreds) pictures when you return!