a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Brag Treats!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Brag Treats!

SUMMARY: Class ritual: Brags.
At the beginning of class, we get to share our successes from competition (or training or whatever seems momentous enough). If the brag is important enough to us, we'll sometimes bring treats.

Last night, Carson's Human Mom and I shared bringing treats. Carson just got his MX (something important in AKC agility that takes a lot of work). He is such a large, darling dog, it's sometimes astonishing to see what a jet-pack of a Border Collie he is on course. So Carson's Human Mom brought a pizza sampler assortment and a bottle of wine.

(Photo by Taj MuttHall, stylizing by K. Normoyle)

I have never that I can ever remember had such a collection of braggable events in one three-week span. Yeah, sometimes a title. Sometimes a first place. Sometimes a good showing in the tournament events. But this time, I indulged myself and made a list from my database and tried to keep it brief but, jeez, I'm so thrilled with how our weekends went.

Actually, although it was three weekends, technically it was 4 trials (Haute Dawgs had Thursday/Friday, TRACS had Saturday/Sunday [or vice-versa], then SMART, then Bay Team).

So here's what I said: [this will be a rehash of my recent posts, but much more terse for those of us who like summaries]

Trial #1:

Tika Qed 5 out of 12 runs, won the Performance DAM tournament with her partner; won Snooker and Team Snooker, 2nd in Standard and Team Gamblers, 3rd in Gamblers and Team Standard.

Trial #2:

Tika Qed 10 out of 10 runs, won both rounds of Steeplechase, won Gamblers, won both Jumpers, Standard, Snooker; 2nd in Gamblers and Standard, and 3rd in Snooker and Pairs Relay. [There were more than one of most classes, hence duplication.] AND she completed her [all Performance] MAD, Tournament bronze, Jumpers Master, Relay Champion, and Snooker champion titles.

Trial #3:

Tika Qed 9 out of 11 runs, won Snooker, 2nd in Grand Prix, steeplechase, and Pairs Relay, 3rd in both Standards, and Jumpers; plus completed her [all Performance] Gamblers Champion, Championship (APD), and LAA-Silver titles.

Trial #4:

Not quite as much: Tika Qed only 3 of 10, won round 2 of Steeplechase, 2nd in Gamblers, California Cup, and Jumpers, and 3rd in Standard. AND I believe consolidated her place in the Top Ten Performance Jumpers for the year 2010. And it's only May!

BUT AFTER ALL THAT, here's what made me scream & jump up and down and cry with elation: On her 40th attempt at a Masters Jumpers Q, Boost finally got one and completed her MAD.

I shared a bunch of snacks: Olives, a cheesecake sampler, a veggie tray, a bottle of sparkling cider, and chocolate-dipped strawberries that I dipped myself. Which you may now all share vicariously.


  1. WOW! You guys out there have WAY better treats after trials than we do. We sometimes bring in some brownies or something... LOL! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those strawberries look scrumptious! Wow, great brag food! But I suppose for Boost's MAD it's surprising you didn't bring the chocolate fountain gizmo like they have at fancy buffets...

    Congratulations on all of your amazing accomplishments! My Tika has only just moved up to Masters (well, P3) so we don't have ANY of those titles!

  3. Well, when you start getting some of those titles, now you know that you have to take chocolate-covered strawberries to class! ;-)

  4. Wow, you 'guys' really rocked it....big congrats!