a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: The Snooker Video You've Been Waiting For

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Snooker Video You've Been Waiting For

SUMMARY: Bay Teamer Silvina and Maja demonstrate amazing calm in a difficult situation while earning a perfect score in Snooker.

From Sunday evening at the Turlock USDAA. This was one of the most amazing runs I've seen. Check out that teeter execution as Silvina's puppy T-Cam can't wait to join the fun.
View it now.

(I should note that T-Cam is Boost's full sister, but from a litter 4 years later. Yes, Boost has lost self-control with Tika at home many times and at class once--and, yes, Tika kept going with the distraction. But never in competition and I don't think ever with that teeter--)


  1. Oh my! I have never seen anything like that. Equally hilarious and amazing!

  2. I saw a run at a NADAC trial where a Corgi was doing a very difficult Gamble that involved the weavepoles from a huge distance away. Somebody's JRT got loose and chased the Corgi and barked right in its face the whole time it was doing the weaves and the Corgi kept right on going, did the Gamble perfectly. Pretty sure the guy got first placed too. Wish my dogs had that kind of focus.

  3. Both of my dogs can usually complete the weaves with the other one in their face. Not sure whether they could do it with someone else's dog, though.

    Corgi was smart; knows that JRTs are all about yelling Me Me Me and can safely be ignored.