a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Grab Bag Day

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Grab Bag Day

SUMMARY: blog issues, sad week, funny list,  d*d rats.

* Blog: Just got notice from blogger that they are doing away with the mechanism by which I post and manage my blog. They have an alternative that they really like but doesn't fit my needs. I'm going to have to convert or think of something else by March. Sucks. I wasn't really planning on spending time figuring out new technology or finding a new blogging service that will support me. Sucks being a techie geek who wants to do things most people don't. I understand their reasons, but still--after 7 years... converting everything to another site will be impossible. Argh.

* Sadnesses: Can we erase the last week and start over? Wednesday, Jigs. Friday, Scully. Saturday, Shooter. Monday, Katie. (Suddenly discovered cancer; escalating kidney disease; age-related illness; unknown (just--found her lying there, she was 11).) Please let it stop for a while. Meanwhile--go do something special with your dog.

* Funniness: I really needed this--"You know you're an agility addict when...". It's a facebook group. I hope they'll post their list on a public site, too, because it's too good to hide just on FB. Meanwhile, if you're on FB, read the list.

* D[amne]d d[ea]d rats. Can't find. Place reeks. Too cold to have windows open. Argh.

* Have some nice photos of the Merle Girls from this weekend. Will post when I have time. They are SUCH GOOD-LOOKING DOGS! I am so lucky to have them.


  1. At least the sadness had a moratorium for your birthday.

    Do we think the DDRs might be in the attic space? What about setting a fan in there and using blue painter's tape to seal the attic door closed to keep the cold from circulating back into the house? Might speed the desiccation of the corpse(s), lessening the stench. Just a tho't.

  2. I think it probably is in the attic space. I tried fan with door open but that was a loser; didn't think about just letting it circulate inside. Might as well give it a shot.

    My other current semisolution is simmering a pot full of bay leaves all day (the smell seems worst in the kitchen & dining areas; you'd think I could find it among the insulation somewhere, but no, not going to lift it all out and put it back, sigh).

  3. Hi Ellen-
    Sorry about the rats and happy birthday!
    I think that blogger thing affects me, too. My tech skills are like zero. I just look fancy because I can make nice pictures and use Fetch to FTP things and my blog sits in my website. So is this a bad thing? Do you understand what we are supposed to do? Will our blogs just explode and we can't have them anymore? Any advice appreciated!

  4. Ellen Clary's in the same boat as us. When I have some time, I'm going to go back and reread their information on their alternative. Seems to me that it didn't do what we wanted it to do and we're screwed. Some way I have to find a solution because what would I do without my blog and ftp access to all my files? Sometime before the deadline--they said they'll have a conversion tool available by late Feb. I'll be glad to keep you guys posted on what I find out, if you'll do the same.

  5. I just read some stuff about blogger and ftp and moving sites and it could have been written in Russian for all I understood in there. Now I am worried teamsmalldog.com/blog and all the photos in there will just vanish forever! Yes, if you figure out how to save our blogs, let me know! Yikes! I guess I could just start writing blog posts on post-its and putting them on my refrigerator, I totally know how to do that.

  6. I'm in the same situation; I use ftp stuff constantly for many reasons and not everything I've uploaded and used is in their system. I hate this, hate it hate it hate it and I'm not going to be able to sleep at nights until I have come up with a solution. I'll brush up on my Russian and Greek before plunging into their docs again.

  7. This totally sucks. I don't understand why they can't keep your stuff alive in archives at least. This is actually a problem everyone will eventually have to deal with as technology moves along and places we've stored information become inaccessible. Something we studied, but didn't find a solution to, in library grad school.

    Seems blogger (or whatever) has some sort of responsibility to help people figure out what to do that isn't written in techno-geek. Because if YOU don't get it, and you're very technically advanced, then how is the regular blogger person going to figure out what to do?

    And yes I will hug my Katie-dog extra today.

  8. They do have a migration tool and they seem to be adding things to it as people give feedback. It sounds like it will do most of the work converting. I spent a couple of hours reading through what they've got so far and it's hard wading through it in the current format--one short blog post with a little info then dozens and dozens of comments of people asking questions (and getting answers) and mostly spewing about what a boatload of crap it is for google to yank this support out from under us--and the FTP users (which is what this is about) are most likely to be some of their more entrenched users. Ah, well, it's possible that things could work out ok, not ideal, but ok; the thing is, it's going to take time to figure it out and then do it, and more time to figure out how to make use of the new capabilities and work around the shortcomings. Gah. I like a challenge, but I'm just not enthused about this one. There are definitely some things about their other method of hosting that I like; that's why I looked into it a while back, but decided I didn't like the shortcomings. Now that they're transitioning, looks like they're adding more tools that weren't there back then.

  9. I'm not affected, but can relate with the headache factor. I used to have a celebrity fan site on Geocities which all of the search engines loved. Last fall Geocities announced they were shutting down so I moved the site to another free place. That was back in October and the search engines have yet to find me. This, after spending hours migrating the site to the new place.

    Change sucks!!

    Hope a decent solution is found. I don't want to lose my dose of TMH or TSD any time soon.

  10. We'll be fine. I'm thinking that the worst anyone will see is an automated page saying something like this page has moved please update your bookmarks.

  11. Suddenly, I'm quite pleased with letting blogspot host my blog. :-)

    I mean, I'm so sorry that y'all are having to go through a stupid thrash. :-(