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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bad Dog

SUMMARY: Who's the agility champion?
Here's my week 5 photo for my 52 Weeks for Dogs photo group. The challenge this week was "where dogs shouldn't be."

My notes on the Flickr site:

Places where dogs should not be: Any *good* agility dog knows that one is supposed to go *through* the tunnel, not stand *on* it to get a better look at the squirrels and birds.

Although this one is posed, there is a reason that all of my less-sturdy tunnels in the back yard are squished into narrow oblongs instead of being open circles.

Fortunately, Tika is also an expert at running through the tunnels and has earned her championships multiple times over.

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  1. Oh Tika...what kind of trouble does your Mom get you into for the sake of a wonderful photo? You're such a good girl to pose like that. Not that your Mom got the idea from any previous behavior that YOU exhibited...right?