a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Crossword Results

Monday, September 14, 2009

Crossword Results

SUMMARY: I was right--ended up about in the middle.

The complete crossword tourney results are now posted here. I placed 29th out of 57 contestants.

I had perfect scores on the first 3 puzzles but missed 3(! more than I'd have guessed) on the last one. But, even had I had a perfect score on that puzzle--which would've added 225 points to my score--I'd have *still* placed only 27th! And that's because of the phenomenal time bonuses that others received.

Like that last one, which I barely finished in 59 minutes out of the allowed 60--the top placer finished in TWELVE minutes! I'm just nowhere near that league. I can't even hope to get to the Over 65 (age) category--a bunch of those sharp-minded "seniors" finished way above me.

(Details on scoring were in my prior post. Only thing that' interesting that I don't understand is that the maximum number "wrong" appears to be 99 several times--I'm wondering whether that's a "too many to bother counting" score?)

So, OK, I like being in dog agility where I can be within fractions of a second of the winner--or sometimes even win--not 48 minutes slower than the winner! (Although some of my runs have felt like that.) Guess it's back to working my contacts.


  1. Oh, yeah, it says at the top of the results that that's what the 99 is.

  2. OK. So you didn't win, place, or show, but you had lots of fun and didn't make yourself nuts and had a relaxing day of fun and got plenty of rest and did NOT get that 99 thing.

    It sounds like there are lots of folks turning in completely broken results stupendously early for the finishing early bonus. Guess you'll have to work on that strategy for next year. ;-)

  3. Not! :-) Looks like all the 99s were incomplete puzzles turned in at the final bell, so no time bonus. (The error bonus eats up time bonuses pretty quickly, so not a good strategy.)

  4. Well, congratulations! Even coming in in the middle of the pack is quite an accomplishment. I don't know if I could take the time pressure of it all, even if I had mad crossword skillz. The only crossword puzzles I can come close to finishing are the ones in the "Easy 1-2-3 Crosswords" magazines ;-)

  5. No way I could do this. I'd totally stress out! Running I used to be a middle of the packer. Now I think I'm a "come in the day or so after" the winner kind of person! LOL!