a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Special Dog on a Sunset Hike

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Special Dog on a Sunset Hike

SUMMARY: Skyline Ridge Sierra Club hike and Rhubarb.

Most of the trails that we hike don't allow dogs, even on leash. However, assistance dogs are allowed. Rhubarb ("Rhu") hasn't been along for a while, but he and his avid hiker Human Dad joined us last night. I love the fact that he's a mixed breed.

For a dozen photos or so about our hike-- with brief comments--visit my photo page.


  1. Can't be sure without a closer photo, but I think your orange-glowered shrub is the Fremontodendron -- out CA State Shrub. The flowers are deep, dark yellow usually, but this might be a combo of tired flowers and drought stress and picking up the orange-y tan of crisping leaves.

  2. If you go to the photo that's got the closest view of the plants, hover cursor over it, you shd have an option to view at original size. Doesn't look anything like fremontodendron to me.

  3. Scale might help. In the vertical photo, I'm standing up next to them where they're on a downward slope. So maybe knee-to-waist high. Like coyotebush or chemise or ceanothus or dunno something on that scale.

  4. Yeah, I went to the "original" on both and scrolled around. The *shape* seems almost right, but the color's off. The color looks a lot like the aging-flower colors of some of our buckwheats, but the shape is all wrong.

    Guess you'll just have to trot back up there this morning and get me some close-up photos. ;-)

  5. OK, I think that's actually less than a mile up the trail, probably only 100-200 feet elevation gain. We could trek up there together... oh, hmm, busy saturday, committed to movie sunday late morning... hmmm...

    If it were closer, I'd do it! But it's 30-40 minutes from here to page mill exit, and 20-30 minutes more going up to skyline--