a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Gamblin' Tika, Why She Gambles, No One Knows

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gamblin' Tika, Why She Gambles, No One Knows

SUMMARY: She's such a reliable, experienced dog.

Despite my unclear handling techniques, none-the-less, she got the Masters Gamble last weekend. About 1/3 of the dogs got it, so it wasn't undoable, but I'd say maybe half of those used the technique that we did--swing the dog into you and back out, or around you, then send to the correct end of the tunnel.

We just barely made time--you can see how much time we spent getting lined up after the buzzer and then getting Tika onto the Aframe and then into the correct end of the tunnel. And she did it all because she's a good reliable experienced dog! There was a time I never thought I'd be able to say that about her--

A friend, Mary P, just let me know that she videotaped our run and posted it on youtube. Here's the video and the course map with my scribbles about our plan and what actually happened.


  1. I meant to point out her lovely, difficult weave entry--she had to actually change lead to move left and then again to get into the weaves. Clever dog!

  2. Yeah!! Video. Love seeing Team TMH in action. Gonna go watch your other videos from your earlier post now.

  3. Great job!!! Picked up a new 'trick' for our repertoire, thanks! BTW - lovin the vids :)