a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: No Thanks, No Puppy for Me

Friday, May 08, 2009

No Thanks, No Puppy for Me

SUMMARY: In which I continue to realize that I am content with my current dog population and that my current dog population has some agility issues.

There's a brand new border collie puppy at Power Paws, and it visited class last night. It was very cute. It was happy to see everyone. It had delightful puppy breath. It wiggled and ran and fell over and got up and wiggled some more. As astonishingly freshly cute as every puppy ever made. I snuggled it.

And I had absolutely zero, not one, not a whit of, desire for a puppy of my own. Puppies are hard work. Training is hard work. Taking care of dogs is hard work, and expensive, too. I like having two dogs. Me and my twos, we be a happy little family unit.

Someone in class suggested that, when I said, "I have no interest in a puppy," that I was trying to convince myself. Funny that that's the reaction--does everyone else want a new puppy so badly that they can't imagine someone NOT wanting one?

No thanks, no no no--I've got enough training and attention challenges with the dogs I've got!

But I do like having lots of friends in agility. I left my Wednesday night 8:15 class a while back, but I'm still an Honorary Member. So when certain members of the class promised human treats to celebrate his 3rd consecutive placement on the World Team, I invited myself along.

Then they invited my dogs to participate in class, so I got a bonus class this week (in exchange for giving up my Wednesday night sierra club hike).

As an additional bonus for going up to class on Wednesday, I had an opportunity at a stop light to capture the sunset.

Then, as yet another bonus, in Power Paws' driveway, Mr. Owl awaited me on the phone lines for a photo op in the twilight. No tripod, but not bad anyway. (Great Horned Owl.)

And so, with two nights in a row of class, I have established this: Tika runs well at 22", and Boost knocks a lot of bars.

So here we are again.


  1. Puppies are deceptive. So innocent. So cute. So much WORK! Sounds like a great night, and you got some nature in anyway, regardless of giving up the hike!

  2. I agree, I love other people's puppies but I don't want my own, not while I have a full time job anyway. Maybe if they came with a trust fund...

  3. I feel the same way about puppies. Actually, about any potential third dog at the moment. So much energy and effort and so many unknowns. Not to mention the vet bills.

    It's such a comfortable place to be when all the animals of the household know how everything works, no one pees on the couch, or chews the walls, or eats the floors... At least with my future next dog, crates will come in very handy since they are now a welcome addition to my training toolbox...

  4. Crates ARE useful. I wish I could suggest them to some parents I know.

  5. My parents used playpens for us when we were kids. They don't seem to be used any more.

  6. I think puppies are cute and all but I really dont like puppies. Just to much work!! Diana