a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Bleahhhhhhh Part 2

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bleahhhhhhh Part 2

SUMMARY: Cold? Flu? Aardvarks? And who is that other person in my bed?

By late yesterday afternoon, I felt a bit like I was floating somewhere behind my body and looking out through my eyes from several feet back. Whole body felt odd, numb but not actually numb, just in an achey, removed way. If one of the dogs shifted position, I'd jump in complete surprise, forgetting there were actually dogs in the house. Trying to work on an interesting project for work and I kept thinking it was something else (not entirely sure what).

Dogs were going nuts all day because I had no energy all day to even throw the toy for them. Neither are good about bringing it back--that's all a long story and i keep meaning to videotape it for everyone's entertainment so you can all think "Ha! At least my dog brings the toy for me to throw!"--and when I finally gave in midday to the incessant pissing and moaning, I ended up yelling at both of them for not doing what I wanted and sort of realized that wasn't normal behavior on my part so gave up even trying.

Dogs really got pissy and annoying as the early evening wore on and my patience was pretty much nonexistent; eventually realized that I hadn't given them dinner. Poor dogs with Human Mom's mind not functioning on all pistons.

Finally occurred to me to take my temperature, and sure enough, running a low-grade fever (not over 100, but my normal is in the 97.6 range). I haven't had a fever in so long I hardly remember what it's like. Don't remember feeling halfway hallucinatory ever, though. My mom says that my dad used to start having hallucinations if his temperature went up by just a degree or two. So I crawled up to bed way early and lay there, sort of wide awake but couldn't concentrate even on reading, and I love reading. Although I was able to do a couple of "difficult" sudokus eventually, in record time, go figure.

I'll tell ya, though, I was very careful every time of the many times I half woke up all night to cough or blow my nose not to disturb my sister who was sleeping on the other side of my bed. I kept hoping I wasn't keeping her awake; it must be miserable sleeping with a sickie, not to mention possibly contagious. When I had to get up to visit the loo, I realized with a shock that I hadn't closed the door even though there was someone else in the room, even though it was dark and she was probably still asleep, and then I couldn't remember whether it was Ann or Linda sleeping there, and then finally I realized that I was still feverish and it was only the dogs on the other side of the bed.

Very very odd experience.

Thermometer said no fever this morning but I still feel almost the same, though not quite so disconnected. Nose still running around like a nutcase. Dogs are very unhappy with me. Apparently I can type and string sentences together at the moment (by late yesterday afternoon that wasn't happening very well).

But I'm thinkin' no agility class tonight.

And I'm wondering about tomorrow--the Turlock USDAA trial starts Friday at 5 p.m. (or 6?) and I'm scheduled for score table and I'd have to load everything into the car in the morning, leave by 1 probably to avoid goshawful traffic-- Not feeling confident about ability to do that at the moment. Certainly couldn't do it today.

I can't remember that I've ever missed an agility trial due to my own illness since I started in 1996--210 trials or so-- And I hate to lose the entry fees or cert's.

OK, feeding the dogs (yay! I'm remembering), crawling back to bleaaaahhhh bed.

P.S. I must point out that not only have I not ever to my recollection slept in the same bed with any of my sisters, I also haven't slept in the same room since 1966 and not even in the same building since 1977 or so, with only occasional shared hotel rooms with significant others (and separate beds). In case you were wondering.


  1. Hoping you're feeling better, and certainly think you should consider calling in sick for table work this weekend. Maybe go to the trial if you're able, but don't work it. If you push yourself too fast you'll get sicker. (Just my take on it!)

  2. I wonder if you can catch Swine Flu over the internet?

    I can't read when I'm overtired or feverish either but I can do Sudoku. Not necessarily according to the rules but I can fill those boxes in with numbers.

    Hope you feel better, it's not fair being sick in summer. Wonder if there's something going around though, my boss went home sick today and looked awful this morning before he left.

  3. If I go to the trial, hard to say what to do about the table. I get a free entry by working all weekend, so it's hard to say, no, I'm not going to do it. I did work a trial once with a more ordinary cold and runny nose; carried a little bottle of alcohol hand cleaner and cleaned my hands constantly but I was handling pencils, erasers, papers, like that, and sitting in close proximity to others, so there's that. Pluse, as you say, Dawn, it's work, although mostly I enjoy it.

    Elayne, I'd be intrigued to see your Sudoku results; in fact, now you've got me wondering about mine, but I'm afraid to go look and see what I actually did. Huh. I think I'll just treasure the memories and not examine the work too closely.

  4. Yes, I think it's best not to check your work too closely. I do the puzzles at night to put myself to sleep and sometimes I'm impressed at my creativity when I pick up the puzzle the following night.

  5. It's amazing how well they work at putting you to sleep, isn't it? Don't know why I ever thought to try it. I've always just read a bit before turning out the light. This seems to put me out more quickly.