a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Don't Ever Do This Again

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't Ever Do This Again

SUMMARY: In which we offer to do an agility demo for a big event down the street.

Next time I say, "Hey, cool, there's a big event just down the street from my house on memorial day, what a great opportunity to do a demo, we can just haul all my equipment over there!" remind me that it has already taken me hours to gather, clean, repair, disassemble, and haul stuff out to my van, and tht's not everything yet.

And then there's tomorrow... set up, hang out until it's our turn in the scheulde, then tear it all down again. I'm thinkin' it's going to consume from 8 a.m. until maybe 5 p.m. For two 15-minute demos!

What a dork.


  1. but it's going to be fun.....right?

  2. yea..you're having fun...right? And the dogs are going to be perfect at their demo, right? :)