a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Ribbon Wall

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ribbon Wall

SUMMARY: We earned 'em; we'd like to enjoy 'em.

Photo by popular request. This is 2 years of ribbons at my current participation level and the dogs' current Q/placement level. In theory, at the end of every year, I take off the oldest year's worth.

Right now it's full and I'm starting to accrue ribbons in a pile at the bottom. Bad. Maybe in February, when I have no trials for a whole month.

P.S. Click photos for larger views to see how I overlap the rosettes and tuck the placement ribbons into the rosette to take up less space.


  1. That wall paper is SO groovy. I can't believe you're covering it up.

    I think we crazy dog ladies need to publish our own house decorating magazine-Dog Lady Decor, or something like that.

  2. If you like that, you should enjoy my photos of some of the other features that the previous homeowner left for me. I should update the page sometime with ALL the rooms...

  3. Hey, cool. Mind if I ask what your string rigging system is? What do you use as "string"? How do you attach it to the wall? I tried something like this once (to hang Christmas cards over) but the string was really saggy so it looked terrible. I'm sure I could figure something out of I tried, but why reinvent the wheel. :-D

    Hey that car wallpaper / striped wallpaper / curtain combination is very... interesting... Oh my.

  4. >overlap the rosettes and tuck the placement ribbons into the rosette to take up less space.

    And here I thought it was to hide the wallpaper. ;-)

    Congrats on all the awards!

  5. >some of the other features that the previous homeowner left

    Did I ever tell you that H recognizes the car wallpaper -- that was on his bedroom wall as a kid.

  6. Dani--I'm sure it must have been a kid's bedroom. The plaid and the autos shared the same color theme. It was the curtains that really got me. And I couldn't convince my renter that it was an attractive decorating scheme and should remain in place.

    Hanging: I used small screw eyebolts (aka eye lags aka eye screws & various other names) screwed in all the way so that only the eye is still exposed. At either end, I made sure they're screwed into the corner flashing (metal) so they're solidly seated if it was available, and in-between, maybe every 3-4 feet, I put more just screwed all the way into the plaster.

    I used the pretty colored multifiber twisted twine that you can sometimes find in hardware stores; I think it's nylon, not stiff, slightly shiny, so you can easily tie it; looked up my knots so that I could tie it appropriately. (I think I've seen it most often in, say, yellow for use in surveying or something? Mine is lilac. Here's a site that has something that looks like it, although hard to tell w/out seeing it, but I think this is probably it.) Tied at one end, pulled as tightly as possible and actually just wrapped around the middle eyebolts to keep up the tension, and tied again at the other end as tightly as possible (this last part took several retries to not get that sagging; it's challenging to pull it taut and tie a nonslipping knot that will hold it there without losing tension while you're doing it).

    That's it--

  7. Oops, I lied about being screwed into the metal corner flashing; I did not do that. They're all in the plaster. The eyes are very small, maybe 1/4" across? When you screw into plaster, you have to make sure that they're just tight enough, but don't overtighten or you'll strip the plaster out and it'll rotate freely and pull out more easily. And you can't ever put pressure on them straight out from the wall; has to be along the wall perpendicular to the screw inside the wall. It's not complicated, hope it doesn't sound that way, but those are tips from experience. :-)