a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Here and There in Portland

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here and There in Portland

SUMMARY: From the river to the hills.

How can I possibly miss my dogs when they have cleverly attached large portions of themselves to my clean black pants?

Walked about six blocks down to the river, then along the river for a ways. Happened upon Mill Ends Park, billed as the world's smallest park.

I couldn't even get in, just sat around outside the park and admired the landscaping.

After returning to the Hilton for lunch and a rest, I walked about 2 miles (and 500 or more feet uphill?) in the opposite direction to the Rose Garden in Washington Park specifically to get nice views like this of Mount Hood. (BTW, yesterday's volcanoes were Mount Saint Helens all blown away on one side and Mount Adams).

I have many other photos, but this slow computer defeats me. Will try to get them up when I'm home again.


  1. These are great photos. Some hilarious, some beautiful. Love the pants one. heh.

  2. Beautiful mountains. Don't see stuff like those around here in Michigan! Bet the dogs are missing YOU!

  3. Yeah, we don't see a lot of volcanoes like that in California, either--just Shasta (which is pretty danged impressive, too).

  4. Can't believe you came to Portland and didn't even say hi - Tsk tsk ...

  5. Hi!

    :-) Sometime maybe I'll be back with a bit more time for tracking down people I don't know how to track down--it was hard enough just finding my sister-in-law!

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  7. Anonymous--Can you give me an idea of what you want to discuss or who you are? Thanks.