a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Bars

Friday, January 09, 2009


SUMMARY: My goodness gracious what an evening.

Ah, bars, the bane of my existence. Not--bars as in saloons; not--bars as in "D. Boone cilled a bar on this tree in the year 1760"; not--bars as in trying to pass the MBE; not--bars, as in units of pressure; not--bars as in 4 full beats in 4/4 time. Man, I knew that bars were complicated! I feel so incomplete referring simply to crosspieces on agility jumps.

In last night's class, I ran Tika at 22" (instead of the usual 26") because (a) we haven't done any jumping worth mentioning for 3 weeks, (b) it was quite wet out (hit the dew point in a major way) so I worried about slippage, and (c) she has been known to get sore for mysterious reasons. She ran beautifully! Of course she was also very excited to be running after 3 weeks off and me being sick and useless for a week and a half. Sometimes I have trouble getting her to play with a toy before or after a run in class (not at home), but she laid into the tugging game with tremendous gusto. A VERY bored, pent-up dog!

And she knocked no bars.

Boost also expressed great delight to be running. Only a couple of places where she refused a jump, but I was rushing my turns. However, she knocked bars every which way. I tried not being/feeling so rushed myself (go with the flow--be one with the agility course-- you know--) and it seemed to help a little, until I had to rush to try to catch up with her again. She is SO fast and I'm never super fast anyway and last night I was a bit droopy still.

Bars bars bars. We might never get a jumpers leg!


  1. Aw, don't worry, I'm sure you'll get those Jumpers Q's! :)


  2. Yeah, I did eventually with Tika, so I suppose it's in the realm of possibilities.

  3. I am with you!!!! Wicca is a chronic bar knocker.....

    we did finally manage to get a second advanced jumpers leg...one more to go....

  4. Boost only ever got 1 Novice Jumpers and 1 Advanced Jumpers legs because that's all that was needed for the titles. And no Masters so far. In 2+ years and 23 attempts. Although--huh--in looking at my records, the first 10 of those were multiple-fault runs, both bars & refusals, but 11 of the last 14 NQs have been Es! I didn't realize that. Hmm. (Although she always hits those bars in the process...)