a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Uninspired and Still Reliving Scottsdale

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Uninspired and Still Reliving Scottsdale

SUMMARY: Postnationals Tropical Depression

I am SO uninterested in practicing anything related to agility. Maybe it's because I worked on it so much more than usual before Scottsdale. Maybe it's because it's finally raining in San Jose worth mentioning and the lawn looks gorgeous (how can that possibly happen overnight?) and I know that dogs rampaging around on it will tear it even more to shreds by spring way beyond what the grubs did to it this fall and the barometic pressure is hosed.

Maybe I'm still still still getting over that nasty cold from Arizona.

Maybe it's that everything in my life is full of challenging transitions at the moment: So much to learn, so much to process, only so many hours in the day. Pursuing photography more. Want to get back to writing more--November is NaNoWriMo again and again I have friends pounding away at their keyboards and again I'm missing it; agility season never ends in California (but girl don't they warn ya...) and we've got a trial this weekend and I'm looking for teams for both dogs for our December trial because my Scottsdale teammates aren't available; trying to get rid of Stuff From My House; eager to help my parents with some things; Boost wants me to throw the tennis ball throw the tennis ball just throw it; Tika is bored and chasing around after the crows in the sky; not enough chocolate; not enough hiking.

I need some ommmmmmmmm time I think. Or more sunrises like this one Sunday morning over the kenneling area in Scottsdale.

I thought I'd type up more notes from our competition at Scottsdale but am feeling uninspired there, too. Have sort of sorted through the photos at a quick first pass. More work to do. I like this one of Robert and Cap in the Grand Prix finals, making sure they get that danged dogwalk contact after 10 of the 24 22" finalists got called on it. And the judge is looking to make sure he does, too!

Here's my World's Most Expensive Polo Shirt! (I'm wearing it over my other shirt, which is why I look a little bulky in the upper vicinities.)

Here's my traveling companion, Dogg, with her Grand Prix finalist shirt, wearing her finalist Team shirt as well. Looks pretty danged happy to me! I'm delighted that she's done so well, as this is the first time at the nationals with her new corgi after 3 years of absence after her last one died so suddenly (see here and here).

Her license plate is apparently pretty accurate; in addition to being in two of the three finals, Porsche was the overall highest-scoring 12" dog in the team event over four individual classes. Not bad for a wee shy doggie.

And here's d star corgi her very self.


  1. I always take 4-6 weeks off of agility after Nationals. It's such a draining experience, both physically and mentally, it's nice for both dogs and human to have a little break afterwards.

  2. That sounds like a better idea than what I'm doing. Oh, well, I'm sure I'll have a good time when I get to Turlock this weekend. Who knows whether we'll Q in anything.


  3. Wow, that calendar you linked to makes my head spin. Where I live the winter season puts a damper on things so it's easier to force oneself to take a break from agility, at least for a little while.

    But yeah I know that uninspired feeling as well. Usually when I find myself feeling that way I cancel any plans to head out to the practice field since the dogs will pick up on my lack of enthusiasm.

  4. Yeah, isn't that calendar amazing? SOOOO different from when I started in 1996. Some of those events are in southern california (so 5-6 hour drive) or Portland (8 hrs) but most are within 2-3 hours of here.

  5. I was crated next to Dogg and her amazing corgi at Bay Team. She's a REALLY nice lady and I'm glad she did so well at the Nationals! She had more energy then I did, that's for sure!