a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Sunday Night Somewhere Near the Ontario Airport

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sunday Night Somewhere Near the Ontario Airport

SUMMARY: That would be Ontario, California, not the other one.

I finally started having a little more energy by late Saturday afternoon, but really in terms of any ounce of extra energy for, say, typing up a blog entry, or driving down the block to the starbucks to post it--fagettaboutit.

Tika had a decent run in the Grand Prix semifinals except had faults and her time would never have made the cutoff into the finals anyway. But I wasn't unhappy with the run.

Tika's team ended up 88 out of 176 team, so--yes!--we were in the top 50%. Boost's team ended up something like 153, so--yes!--we were not last.

The most exciting part was that my traveling companion, Dogg, made it to both the Grand Prix finals and the team finals. Lots of our friends, classmates, and fellow Bay Teamers were in all the assorted finals, as well, so it made for a very personal interest in all the goings-on. Spent today watching the assorted finals, made a quick pass through the vendors for the first time (had no energy earlier in the week), packed everything up, and headed west.

Decided to spend the night in a nice hotel with plenty of space for 2 people and 3 dogs. We'll be on the road again in the morning. I have stories to tell and billions of photos, most of which I never had the energy to look at, and we'll see how long it takes me to get through any of them.

I see that a lot of people posted comments on earlier blog entries; haven't had time to look at them this evening and I'm ready for sleeeeeeeeep. Maybe I'll get a chance before I get on the road in the morning. Or maybe now.

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