a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Moving the Cynosports Games

Monday, November 10, 2008

Moving the Cynosports Games

SUMMARY: Should the USDAA Nationals be held in different locations?

For those who feel that the Cynosports World Games ("USDAA Nationals") should be made available to other people in other parts of the country, there's now an online petition that you can sign. (Thanks Johann The Dog for the pointer.)

I said:
As one who never wants to fly my dogs anywhere, it seems a shame that people in other parts of the country don't have the same opportunity that I have had for 5 years to drive to the World Cynosports games. If I'd had to fly, I'd have never gone, never earned a ribbon in any event, never made it to the team finals, never gotten my semifinalist polo shirt. Other people want these opportunities, too.

The other real reason is that I'm tired of getting tempted into going and using up a week or more of vacation and of the expense. If it's out of the drivable area, I won't be tempted!


  1. Here I was getting a little teary at your eloquent statement on the petition and then I find out it's all about moving it to a safe distance so you won't be tempted to attend :-)

    Cedarfield (I can't seem to make any comments on Blogger accounts anymore using the Open ID option but I can if I post anonymously).

  2. OK, well, there's that. But I figure that by taking care of other people I also take care of myself. Sometimes it's just framed oddly.