a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Let Lying Dogs Lie

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let Lying Dogs Lie

SUMMARY: In which I work and they don't.

One big advantage of working at home is that you're at home. One big disadvantage of working at home is that you're at home. At least I get to see that mostly the dogs just lie around and sleep all day, waiting for me to do something interesting, like eat a pretzel (then they get to have some) or look in their direction (which is very exciting for them, I can assure you) or maybe twitch (which doesn't happen often when I'm at the computer, or at least not until I've been there for at least 12 hours, when the twitching starts in earnest).

But mostly they lie around.

Sometimes Tika lies around at my feet under the desk, sighing dramatically and occasionally resting her chin on my feet, my shins, my knee, or my lap.

Sometimes they hang around by the sliding door into my office, monitoring both the visuals in the yard and the sound effects of me at my computer (has she stopped typing? did she swivel the chair? did she push the chair back? did the computer power down? is she reaching for a pretzel?).

I tell ya, it's an exciting life, working at home.

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  1. Yeah...I hear ya. I work at home too and have 4 dogs (2 of my own, 2 of my sister-in-laws) following me when I go to the bathroom, go get a water, etc. Even though it appears as if they are resting, I believe that are constantly on alert...waiting for me to do somethign brilliant!