a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Hiking Schmiking

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hiking Schmiking

SUMMARY: But what about agility?

I've been mentioning hiking a lot lately because it's different from our usual agility-focused life. One of my goals with hiking is to get in better physical condition and weight to be able to move around the agility course with the greatest of ease, to match the speed and agility of the Taj MuttHall beasts. Wish I had the option of taking them hiking with me in more places. They'd love it. But they're also a handful, so maybe it's best if they stay home and rest up for more agility (an important training strategy).

So, meanwhile, back home, what are they up to? Our next agility trial is July 4 weekend, and it's another DAM Team event, so we've got plenty of work to do, to collectively get into perfect shape to Go! Fight! Win! So let's check in on their agility-training regimen!

Boost is storing up her energy for those sudden bursts of Border Collie speed required on the field when the wrong obstacle is in sight.

Tika practices focusing her vision on key elements, such as when doing a difficult serpentine and one must be able to instantaneously judge the distance to a random scrap of food left in the grass.

But enough of this Zen sort of visualizing! What we need is actual practice in the yard with actual agility equipment! And Tika, being super-efficient, prepares for those Jumpers runs by practicing jumping and tunnels simultaneously.

Like a white-water rafter attempting Class 5 rapids, Boost likes to take a close look and scope out the difficulty rating of an obstacle before actually attempting it.

Then it's time to gather our strength in the shade, in case an emergency game of fetch springs up right in front of us.

Enough of this strenuous training regimen; we are now ready for a nap to rest up for dinner.

Good thing Tika is just danged cute.


  1. I hear you about having dogs who are "a handful". I boldly decided to take both dogs camping last week. Yes, both dogs at the same time. Actually they were pretty good so I don't regret it. But yes, a little dog-free hiking can be useful to allow the shoulders to get back into their joints after being yanked around by leash monsters.

    The agility training regime you describe in this post is just about the extent of what we've been doing these days. :-D

  2. Works good, doesn't it!?

    Camping with the dogs sounds like it could be fun.