a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Havasu Falls Photos Are up

Monday, June 09, 2008

Havasu Falls Photos Are up

SUMMARY: Day 4 photos are uploaded and labeled.

Labels on the photos are minimal and there are probably wayyy too many of Havasu Falls itself--but, after all, those Falls were the impetus for this whole trip!

Go to album. Here are some highlights:

On the trail to the falls. It was a beautiful hike.

Dragonfly posing along the creek.

"The Watchers" above the village of Supai.

This dog reminded me so much of Boost.

The hike to the falls was through a beautiful canyon.

Here I am, having waded through the stream out to the main pool under Havasu Falls.

Havasu Falls in late afternoon with a hint of a rainbow at the base.

Mooney Falls, further down the canyon, was twice as high as Havasu Falls but we didn't climb to the bottom. In the nook under the cliff to the left of the bottom of the falls, you can maybe make out pinpoints, which are people standing there.

We sat outside the lodge in the cool of the evening, watching the sunset colors in the clouds above the canyon.


  1. Wow! I'd heard about Havasu Falls from my sister who used to live at the North rim of the Grand Canyon and did a lot of hiking in her years there. How long a hike was it from the lodge to the falls?

  2. Appears to be a tad under 2 miles one way. Drop in elevation of maybe another 200-300 feet.

  3. Beautiful photos, I love the ones of the falls and all the village dogs. Do they have a vet down there? I'm supposing the dogs don't get a ride in the helicopter if they're ill.

  4. Good question about the vet; I don't know. There's no human physician in residence and my impression is that someone comes to the clinic maybe once a week (?) to see people with appointments. My guess would be that a vet comes to town on scheduled occasions. Don't know about emergencies. It's an 8-mile trip to the trailhead by horse (to carry a very sick or injured dog), a 60-mile drive to Route 66 (90 minutes on that road), a 9-mile drive from there to Peach Springs, which seems to be not much more than a hotel and maybe gas station. I'll bet that Kingman is the nearest place with a vet, which is a couple hours freeway driving beyond that.


    They provide info for tourists saying that if you become seriously ill or badly injured and have to be taken out by helicopter on an emergency basis, it's very expensive. I don't know how much "very" is.

    So, like, if my dog were to start having violent seizures in the night (like both Remington and Jake did), there's no driving 5 minutes to the all-night emergency clinic. I don't know what I'd do!

    I'll bet that some of the locals know something about caring for animals. Even around here, people with multiple dogs and/or who breed dogs take care of a lot of their own veterinary issues--but not usually the emergency ones.