a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Turkey Trot Dreamin'

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turkey Trot Dreamin'

SUMMARY: This weekend: Thanksgiving and hopefully some big turkeys.

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I'll be at a CPE trial in Elk Grove trying to win our third consecutive Turkey Trot Friday night. Then I'd get to be the Top Turkey the rest of the weekend!

Jake won in 2004, with Tika just barely missing it (read blog post).

Jake AND Tika won in 2005 (read blog post).

I couldn't compete in 2006 because of knee surgery.

Unfortunately, Jake will be there this weekend only in memory, but he'll inspire me, I hope. Tika and I will be trying for a repeat in our height, and now Boost is competing in her first-ever Turkey Trot.

The Turkey Trot is WAG's invention. If you're entered on Friday, you can enter this freebie class Friday night. Every year, the rules are different, but it's always 3-dog teams in three height classes. In 2004, it was a straight 3-dog relay; in 2005, it was strategic pairs...er, triplets. The teaser for this year says "Brush up on your spelling and strategy planning..." Could be interesting!

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