a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Nationals Videos

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nationals Videos

SUMMARY: A couple of our runs.

I can't believe that I forgot my camera for every run all weekend except Jumpers and Steeplechase Classic! How dumb is that, to go all that way and not get videos of your runs.


Here's a 3.5 MB video of Tika and her two teammates doing the Team Jumpers, with Rachel Sanders and Fable thrown in for comparison. This is where Tika took off while I was still leading out, then slowed way down as she caught up with me. I count that that little trick cost us 2-3 seconds on course time (I was wondering how we could've been 8 (!) seconds slower than the fastest dog; just didn't seem right).

I sound critical ("That sucks") of my teammate's offcourse because of the broad jump that so many people missed, but it was supposed to be an empathetic comment (that's how I'd feel if my dog missed something). Sorry, Carlene, really it doesn't bother me! But you can see you easily a dog can cut across the side of that dang broad jump for incorrect execution.

Here's a 1 MB video of Tika's Steeplechase Classic. Harder to see in this compressed version, but she definitely picks up speed and drive after the first Aframe, which is undoubtedly what caused her to leap over the 2nd Aframe contact. Then, before the last bar, I say "good girl," which you can barely tell on the video over the background noises, which is what causes her to drop that last bar. Finally, you can see where I'm trying to keep her from grabbing my feet at the end and get her off course.


  1. Well, videos of two runs are better than videos of no runs. :-)

    My ancient computer doesn't seem to like the format (the sound comes through but not the video) so I can't watch them yet, but a newer computer is on the way, so I hope to get to watch them soon.

  2. Making these movies is all new stuff to me. I'm using (I think) the latest version of iMovie and I'm using its default setting for creating streaming video--and that's about all I know! Wish I knew the issues involved in creating and displaying them.


  3. You need to have the Quicktime plugin installed to see the videos, if that helps at all.


  4. Woo hoo, it works now!

    Nice videos. She looks to have a lot of natural speed and impulsion.

    That foot-diving thing looks like it could get annoying pretty fast.

  5. Yes, getting her to run has never been a problem.

    You can't imagine the half of what I went through on the foot-grabbing thing! Suffice it to say that grabbing only after finishing a run is a tremendous victory.